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Marennes 2022

HamRadio Friedrichshafen 2022

Convention du CDXC 2021 à Yenne

42ème Convention du Clipperton à Yenne (Savoie)


51 Years of Hamradio Licence

Il y a 51 ans - 51 years ago Hommage à mon Parrain de la Radio: André Legal F8UU

Novembre 1971 : de grandes figures du Radio Amateurisme Girondin dont F8CT ayant établi la première liaison à longue distance le 1er janvier 1928 avec les USA sur 10M !

                                    He was well known for the first contact between France (may be Europe ?) and the USA  January 1, 1928 […]


My DXCC Summary report on Club Log

(more than 50000 qsl paper)

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My LOTW ** DXCC Score ** WAS SCORE 160m 2022 ** WAZ 160m 2022

(only on LOTW not with all qsl paper)

Challenge DXCC more than 2830

160M WAS 2022 I need MT (Montana), KH6 (HawaÏ), on LOTW I need Zones 12-23-29-31 on LOTW, 160 M WAZ 2022 I have 12 and 23 confirmed with QSL, need 29 and 31 actually. WAS […]

AWARDS 35 years ago ... and more !

Doctorat CDXC 2019

Messe HamRadio Friedrichshafen 2019


Now with 6 Meters :   10 Band DXCC


Les boutiques OMs du Sud Ouest



ARRL 160M 2016

Log on Line 6W7SK

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6W7SK 10 Mhz au Japon 6W7SK 7 MHZ au Japon CQ 6W7SK 80m par F8BBL :