Take Care

Take care: Don’t send a qsl and IRCs or greenstamps to this OM because you never get it ! They keep your money, they don’t reply to your mail ! In fact they are thiefs! List : N3DB for 8R1DB on 6 meters SA5BJM for OJ0/SA5BJM on 6 meters LA7QIA for JW7QIA on 6 meters […]

Réunion du Bordeaux DX Group 11 novembre 2017

Réunion du BDXG le 11 novembre 2017

Il y a 46 ans - 46 years ago Hommage à mon Parrain de la Radio: André Legal F8UU

Novembre 1971 : de grandes figures du Radio Amateurisme Girondin dont F8CT ayant établi la première liaison à longue distance le 1er janvier 1928 avec les USA

He was well known for the first contact between France (maybe Europe?) and USA on 10m on January 1, 1928. Lire l’excellent article de Gérard […]

HamExpo 2017 Le Mans

Convention CDXC 2017 à Collonges La Rouge

Log F6BLP last 10 qso

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ARRL 160M 2016


Now with 6 Meters : 10 Band DXCC


Friedrichshafen 2017

HamRadio Messe Friedrichshafen 2017

AG Nationale Réseau des Émetteurs Français 2017

Réunion du Bordeaux DX Group 22 Avril 2017

Réunion du Bordeaux DX Group 22 Avril 2017


STATION N°1 Saint Sebastien sur Loire



STATION N°2 Arcachon




My Dealers



Convention Clipperton DX Club 2016 à BREST


Port des Barques 2016

Port des Barques 2016

Log on Line 6W7SK

INFO : Next activity 6W7SK in 2016

Sorry but activity 2016 in 6W7SK deleted because health problem with YL.

Station 6W7SK à SALY Portudal


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6W7SK 2015

The end of the activity for 6W7SK February, 5th at 16:30Z 4500 qso from 6m to 160m, SSB,CW,RTTY Thanks to every one to call me. It was my pleasure to give you new one, new band, or new mode. See you again from Teranga Land


Some pictures for 6W7SK 2015


Please listen 6V7SIX/B […]

Réunion du Bordeaux DX Group 7 Novembre 2015

Réunion Bordeaux DX Group du 7 Novembre 2015